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How To Calculate Amps

How To Calculate Amps

How to Calculate Amps: An easy-to-follow instruction on the mathematical process for calculating amps explains the basic method for drawing a simple circuit diagram and shows how to easily manipulate the basic voltage formula to find the current within the circuit.

Hi, my name's Charles and I'm one of the math teachers from the Maxim workshop. I'm just going to now teach you how to do some math. In this video, I'm going to talk about how to calculate amps.

Now, amps is a measurement of current. Your current is pretty much a standard SI unit, just as you would have with time and kilograms, I mean this is a base unit. So, what you would first of all want to look at is where this arises and this is mainly used in physics to deal with electricity.

So, if you take a basic circuit, so we've got five volts here, and we have two ohms resistant, we now want to calculate the current that goes around in this particular type of circuit. Now within your current, you'll probably find that whenever you're drawing, where you would find your ammeter, it would occur like this, as opposed to say a volt meter which goes around like that. So, the question is how much does this ammeter record.

Now, in your basic circuit you would be needing to look at this type of equation to solve that answer. Now when you look at your voltage, this is at the beginning of the equation, so you want to change this equation so you've got your current at the beginning of the equation. So, small manipulation, we want to bring the R over to this side.

So we've got V, once we've brought the R over to this side, it's multiplying here, so it's going to be dividing when you take it across the equals sign. Basically, just an opposite operation. So we have V over R equals I, which is your current.

Now, if you take a look at that, now we can insert the values for V and R. Now your voltage is five volts, and your current can be simply calculated by dividing the voltage by your ohms. Five divided by two, and that gives you a value of two point five amps.

And that's how to calculate amps, or current.