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How To Calculate CFM

How To Calculate CFM

How To Calculate CFM: This VideoJug film has everything you need to know while calculating CFM. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions.

Hi, my name is Charles and I am one of the math teachers from the Maxim Workshop. I am just going to now teach you how to do some math. In this video, I am going to show you how to calculate cubic feet per minute.

Now, feet is not a standard SI unit, so what you are probably going to find yourself doing is converting meter cubes to feet cubes. Okay, so, the first thing that you are going to look at is basically your calibration and if you look at your meters, you have 1 meter equals to 3.279 feet.

Okay, now that's your basic conversion from meters to feet or feet to meters, which ever way you want to calculate. Now, the next step is to look at the units of cubic feet per minute. So you have got CFM.

Now, cubic feet per minute basically looks like this. So you have got feet cubic meters. Now, this is pretty much just, I will just put the minute now.

Just for your reference of time. So you have basically just got something that relates to the flow of, say a volume of liquid past a particular point in a certain time. So if we want to now look at a specific analogy, we would say possibly look at a tube and we have a certain volume of liquid flowing through this tube, past a certain point.

So, if we look at this point from here to here, if we had a measuring device, that could see how much water flowed past this point. So again, we are looking at cubic feet per minute. Obviously, I made a small adjustment to your minus one here.

We want to then look at this tube situation, which has a certain volume of a liquid flowing past this point here. And if we look at the normal conditions of units, we would find meter cube per minute. Now, what we would want to do is convert this back into feet.

So, imagine if we had specifically one meter cube of water flowing past this particular point every minute. It is not a lot, but just for purpose of this question and providing you with obviously a solution, we would look at first of all, how we would change the units into feet. Now, we can see 1 meter is equal to 3.

279 feet. So, all we would need to do here is to substitute what we have for 'm' as 3.279 feet.

So all we have, if we would place brackets, we will have 3.279 feet cubed per minute. So now, what we need to do is place this cubed on the inside of this bracket.

So, whenever you want to place your exponential power on say, individual terms of in here are multiplied, you apply into both terms. So, you have got 3.279 cube times feet cubed.

And not to forget,per minute. Now, if you look at this, all you have to do is, I mean, you just have to pretty much place this in your calculator, come up with the answer and then keep your units as feet cubed per minute. So 3.

279 cubed comes up for approximately three five point three feet cubed per minute. And that's pretty much how to calculate cubic feet per minute.