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How To Calculate Cubic Meters

How To Calculate Cubic Meters

In this video, you will learn step by step how to calculate the volume of a cube and a cylinder.

Hi, I'm Peter Edwards from Bluetutors. We teach children of all ages, right from primary school to degree level and we find the highest quality tutors and today I'm going to teach you some math. What we're going to do now is look at how to calculate the cubic meters of a particular volume.

So we've chosen two fairly simple volumes and we're going to look at how to work out the volume of those two shapes. To start with, we're taking a cube, which is probably the most simple shape for which you can work out the volume and it's very straightforward. We're going to take the height of that cube times its width times its depth.

So in this case, that is two times three times four which is twenty four and if it's in meters, then the units would be meters cubed. So that's how to work out the volume of in fact, any shape which essentially is a cube. You just have to multiply the height by the width by the depth.

Okay, so now if we look at a slightly more complicated shape, and we'll look at a cylinder, we have the radius of the cylinder and the height of it. So what we are going to do is first of all work out the area of this top disc and then multiply it by the height. So the area of the disc is one half pi R squared, that's the way to account the area of a circle, and to find the volume of the cylinder, we're going to multiply that by the height.

So we've chosen a couple of simple dimensions. So if we had a cylinder with a radius of two meters and a height of five meters, then the volume will be one half pi multiplied by two squared multiplied by five. Which is one half pi times four times five.

Cancel the two there and that will give us ten pi and again, the unit to that will be meters cubed, and that's how to work out the volume of two simple shapes. .