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How To Calculate Cubic Metres

How To Calculate Cubic Metres

How To Calculate Volume in Cubic Meters: This VideoJug film is designed to teach you how to calculate volume. So follow this simple guide to learn how to calculate the volume of a cube.

Hi, my name is Charles, and I'm one of the math teachers from the Maxim workshop. I'm just going to, now, teach you how to do some mat In this video, I'm going to show you how to calculate cubic meters. Now, cubic meters is a measurement that's used for volume.

Now the easiest example I can show you is when you look at a shape with a length, a width, and a height. Now a basic shape that has all three is your cube. Indeed you could draw a rectangle, a cuboid, but for this purpose, it will be easy to show you how these measurements were made.

So, I mean, with your cube, it is interesting to see that it is just like a square but in 3-D. So if you have any one side as 4, then all other sides have the same value. So 4,4,4.

So this would be your length, this would be your width and this would be your height. Now the unit we are going to use is centimeters, but I'm going to show you obviously how to change from centimeters to cubic meters, okay? So first of all, we want to change these measurements into a value for the volume, in centimeter cube. Okay? So we have your 4 centimeters, if we want to change that into meters, then all we have to do is divide by 10, okay? So where we had 4 centimeters, we now have 0.

4 meters. Okay? So all it is, is a division of 10 to go from there to there. So, all we need to do now is change all of these to 0.

4 meters. Okay? Now your basic volume equation, is length, times width, times height. Okay? So, we take all of our variables here and substitute them in, we have 0.

4, times 0.4, times 0.4.

Now all you have to do here, is just think about what 4 times 4 times 4 is, and then bring in the zeros afterwards. So we have, 4 times 4 is 16 and times another 4 is 64. So all we have to do is divide that by a thousand because we have 3 divisions by 10.

And that means that we take the decimal point over 3 times. So we are going to need 0.064 meters cubed.

Now remember, this is your measurement for volume in cubic meters. First thing I've done here was obviously calibrate from my 4 centimeter measurement to my 0.4 meter cubed sorry meters measurement.

So those were for the lengths. And then afterwards, I inserted all of these values into the equation here and then just multiplied them together, and then this gave me a value of 0.064 meters cubed and that's basically how to calculate cubic meters.