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How To Calculate How Much Curtain Fabric You Need

How To Calculate How Much Curtain Fabric You Need

If you want to get your house upholstered, especially, if you want to change the curtains and you want to do it yourself, this video is good because it gives an idea about how much cloth would be required for a certain width of window, keeping in mind the style you prefer.

How to calculate how much fabric you need for a pair of curtains. If you are going to use a measurement of a 140 as the width of the window, i.e.

the length of the pole and a length of curtain at 200, we have got to establish whether we would like a generous curtain or a flatter look in curtain. And this is also linked in to how wide that window is and how much space you have got on the pole on either side of the window. If your window is a good 10 centimeters narrower than the pole on either side, you can afford to go for a more generous curtain.

If your window is closer to the edge, then a flatter look would be better because you would be able to stack it back more easily and get more light, daylight, through the window. The curtain has got to go somewhere when it is stacked. So, I am going to assume that your window is, at least, 10 centimeters narrower on either side of your pole or track which would make the width of the window a 100 centimeters wide.

In this case, you can afford to have three widths of fabric in your curtains, provided the fabric is not too thick. Again, that is important because again that curtain has got to stack somewhere. So, if it is a plain fabric like this one, and a normal furnishing fabric, which is, normally, a 140 centimeters wide, this is a 138, so it is pretty close, we would need three drops of a 140 at 200 long and on the 200 in length, we have to add what we need for finishing the top of the curtain and the hem of the curtain.

And I normally allow 30 centimeters. So what we are asking for in this case is three widths of fabric at 230 long, which comes to 690, nearly 7 meters. You have also got to look at the pattern repeat; if it is a plain one, there is no problem.

It is a close; it is a 7-meter and no more. If you have got a pattern like this one, you must measure the pattern repeat and add it to your 230 in length. Yes, you will have some leftover but leftover fabric is very nice for making finishing touches like cushions or tiebacks or anything that goes with your curtains.

So that is how we calculate a generous pair of curtains for this pole and a small window underneath it. However, if you prefer the flatter look and the more modern look, for this pole, you could get away with only two widths of curtain, one width for each side, as opposed to one and a half widths for each side which is the more generous look and that would cut your calculation down from seven meters to 230 twice, which is just over 4 ½ meters. To be safe, I would buy 5 meters of material because, as I said, the rest of the fabric can always be used for other things to go with your curtains.

So, that is how you calculate a more modern pair of curtains. .