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How To Calculate Power Consumption

How To Calculate Power Consumption

We come across many basic mathematic problems in our daily life, though we have learnt it in school, often we find it difficult to do a simple math. This video teaches some basic mathematic problems, in this you will learn how to calculate power consumption.

Hi, I am Charles and I am one of the Math teachers from the Maxim workshop. I am now just going to teach you how to do some math. I am going to talk about How to Calculate Power Consumption.

Power consumption is just basically a measurement of how much energy is used over a given time period. So, if you look at a small example, we got a laptop that pretty much uses, say 40 watts per hour. These are just arbitrary numbers so don't count on this.

We have got a laptop that uses 40W per hour, and what we are basically trying to calculate is how much energy is used per day. So, imagine if the laptop is on for say, 16 hours, all we need to do is to multiply this wattage which is the power by time. So if the time equals 16, power consumption, basically is power used per hour multiplied by the time.

Which is just 40 multiplied by 16. So, what I would do, just rub that up. So, we got 40 multiplied by 16 and what we do first of all, multiply the 6 by 0 is 0, 6 by 4 we got 24.

0 now coming in because 1 represents 10, 1 times 0 is 0, 1 times 4 is just 4. So that is basically 400 plus 240, so you got 0-0. 4 plus 0 which is just 4, 2 plus 4 which is just 6.

So basically we have got the power rating for 640 watts per day. So if we want to list our power consumption per day for this particular laptop, we will say our power consumption equals 640 watts. That's pretty much how to calculate power consumption.