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How To Calculate Sq Ft

How To Calculate Sq Ft

How To Calculate Square Feet: Charles Oshodi, a regular contributor on Video Jug shows you how to handle square feet calculations. Giving you the way to convert meters to feet, Mr. Oshodi then proceeds to find the square feet to solve the example problem. In the dialogue, the expression "SI units" speaks of the System of International units.

Hi, my name is Charles and I'm one of the math teachers from the Maxim Workshop. I'm just now going to teach you how to do some math. Hi.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to calculate square feet. Now, square feet, or, feet, is not a standard SI unit, you would commonly have, say, meters, associated with say something like, "measurement" or "meters squared" for your surface squared. So, square feet, is basically a surface area measurement.

Now, when you look at the measurement of feet, obviously you want to relate that to meters. So, when you look at a meter, which we put by M, we want to take the measurements of feet and relate that to how much one meter equals, or something. Now, we have three point two seven nine feet equals to one meter.

Okay? So, whenever we want to calculate the measurement of feet, we have to look at, first of all, how many meters do you have? And, then, relate that to how many feet that equals. Okay? So, just imagine if we have, say, a measurement of ten meters and that keeps everything nice and simple. Because we're never multiplying by ten, because we are too small for that.

Obviously, what we have to do then, is multiply ten by three point two seven nine to get the measurement in feet. So, what we have for that is ten times three point two seven nine feet. Okay? So, all we do whenever we are multiplying by ten, we just draw the decimal point one space to the right.

So, that gives us thirty-two point seven nine feet. Okay? Now, again, just to recap, this video is about square feet. So, we will be trying to take this measurement into, say, something like the measurement of the surface area.

So, we have our scaling factor here. Changing, feet, meters and meters into feet. So, imagine if we had, say, a garden that was ten by five meters, and, we wanted to see how this related to feet, or, square feet, I could say.

First of all, the easiest thing would be to change both of these values into units with feet. Okay? So, you already calculated this one. That is thirty-two point seven nine feet.

Now, if we want to multiply five by this, we could just, either do it on our calculator, although I don't have one handy, so, I'm going to have to do it on the board. We just do three point two seven nine times five. Now, five times nine is forty-five, so, put the five there, and remember to carry the four.

Five times seven is just thirty-five. Add four is thirty-nine. so put the nine there.

Now, five times two is ten, so, we carry the three. Thirteen, and I've got a decimal point there. I've got a one, so, five times, there's fifteen, carry the one, sixteen, okay.

So, as you can see, we've got a measurement of sixteen point three nine five. And that is pretty much half of this. So, we can rub this out, and we can rub this out.

Now, we have, for the length, thirty-two point seven nine feet, and, for the width, we have sixteen point three nine five feet. Okay? So, what I 'm gong to do, just to make this easier on myself to calculate, because we do have a few numbers there, is just to round up. So, if we want to round up this number, we take one decimal place.

So, we check the next number, and, we say, is that bigger than five? It is. So, we round up this number as the high number. So, we've got thirty-three feet.

Okay? Now, we do the same thing here. We check this number, sixteen, and, we say, is the next number to the decimal point, bigger than five or lower than five? So, we see that it's lower that five. So, we just keep this number the same.

Okay? And, more specifically, I should mention that if it is five or above. So, if this was five, then we would round her up to seventeen. As you can see, it's below five, so, just take it as sixteen.

So, we've got sixteen feet. So, in order to calculate the square feet here, what we need to do here is just multiply these two things together. So, the first thing I would do is just write out here, thirty-thr