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How To: Card Tricks For Beginners

How To: Card Tricks For Beginners

Magic has always fascinated people and the idea of doing magic on our own is even more exciting. So, here is a simple card trick that one can do easily and is the best for beginners.

This is the perfect card trick for beginners. Kerry, pick a card up for me, have a look at the card and show the camera and then just place the card back anywhere in the deck. That is great, so that card is lost in the deck, there is no way I can know where it is, but I am going to try and find it.

It happens like this. I think this was your card, it was a black card, it was 7 spades. So, this is a really easy card trick for beginners, there is no work required.

The secret is that the deck is already separated into reds and blacks. So, Kerry is going to take a card from the top of the deck, show it from the card. As she is showing the card, I am then going to just spread through into the lower half of the deck and then you can put your card back into just that lower half of the deck, so it is going to go into the lower place of the deck.

In that way, I know exactly which card it is. Cards are normally face down at this point, so I turn the cards over, I spread through, I am just looking for the first wrong colored card - in this case, it is the 9 of diamonds amongst the black cards. I take it out and show that I got it right.

So, that is how to do a really easy card trick for beginners. .