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How To Care For A Canary Bird

How To Care For A Canary Bird

Canary birds, which are famous for their beautiful singing, deserve the proper care from you. So if you're thinking of having canaries in your home, this video will tell you how they should be cared for.

How to care for a canary bird. The famous singing canary originates from the Canary Islands. Normally, you can tell a male from a female canary, is that the male will really continuously sing where the female would chirp, not so much singing as beautifully as the male.

The males are normally more up straight while the girls normally have rounder heads and rounder bodies. When choosing your canary, make sure you're getting it from a reputable breeder. Whether it's a breeder or rescue home or even your pet store, make sure their environment is nice and clean and obviously, where you get it from, they're nice and knowledgeable.

The house for your canary should be a nice big cage enough for them to spread their wings for them to fly around. They should not be in the cage majority of the time, they should be out, out of the cage, making sure all your windows and doors are closed. Inside the cage, there should be a food bowl, a water bowl, perches, different heights, different levels and plenty of toys obviously to prevent boredom.

Make sure your canary's cage is in a room temperature place away from direct sunlight and drops. The cage should be big enough for the birds to stretch its wings and to fly around. Inside the cage, you should have a food bowl and a water bowl.

You should have other dishes for treats. You should have different perches at different levels. This helps to move around the cage more.

You should have plenty of toys and treats. This also helps to prevent boredom. The sorts of toys that you want are things like ladders because they like to perch high up.

You've got different things like bells and mirrors. You want to continuously move it around the cage obviously to help prevent boredom. Canaries are sociable birds and they're much happier kept as a pair or more.

So if you can keep them together, please do so. Make sure the cage is cleaned regularly. Make sure there's always plenty of food and water.

Also, birds especially canaries love to bathe so make sure you have a mister that you can spray, like room temperature water, spray everyday to every other day. If not, put something like a birdbath in which you can put like shallow water so they can go in anytime as they please. You'll see that they absolutely love it.

It makes them really happy. Make sure you keep the birdbath away from the water bowl so they don't get confused. Otherwise, you'll find your water bowl will be getting dirty very quickly.

And that's how to care for your canary bird. Good luck with your feathered friends. For more information, give us a call or pop in the store.