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How To Care For A Sick Hamster

How To Care For A Sick Hamster

In this VideoJug film, Tasha from Jumanji Pets gives you her top tips on how to prevent your pet hamster from getting sick. Tasha advises you of signs of hamster diseases to watch out for, including Wet Tail and eye infections. Tasha gives you guidance on how to keep your hamster free of disease.

How to care for a sick hamster. Now, the key element to keep you hamster nice and healthy is a clean environment. It's very unlikely your hamster will get sick as long as you're giving it plenty of food everyday, fresh water, fruit and vegetables a couple of times a week.

And every three to four days up to a week, cleaning that cage out and giving your hamster fresh bedding. If you don't keep that cage nice and clean, it can be quite life-threatening for your hamster. It can build up a disease called Wet Tail which literally is a wet area around its tail and can be quite serious.

If it does get this disease, please go to your vet straight away. As I said before, it's quite serious. By keeping that cage nice and clean, you're preventing that from happening.

Another thing hamsters get is eye infections. This could be caused from the bedding you're using or the wood shavings can be quite dusty and can get into the eye and irritate it. The way to see if they have an eye infection is to see if there is any discharge or redness around the eyes.

If your hamster does have redness around the eyes or any kind of discharge, change your bedding immediately or your pet store will advise you the right wood shavings or even a different type of bedding to go for. Make sure you do consult your vet just in case. A lot of the time, hamsters are bought for pets for children.

You may find your child is responsible for the hamster and is doing a good job. But it doesn't hurt to keep an eye and check up on that hamster, just in case. Check on the hamster daily, it doesn't take long.

Make sure the cage is clean, the eyes are nice and clear and so is the bottom. If you are in doubt, like I said in all my other videos, please consult your vet. And that's how to care for a sick hamster.

I'm sure you've got plenty more questions, either contact your local vet or give us a call in the store. .