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How To Care For A Weeping Fig

How To Care For A Weeping Fig

This Videojug.com Video will explain how to properly care for your indoor weeping fig tree.

How to care for a weeping fig:
The weeping fig tree, Ficus benjamina, is a popular houseplant with glossy, green leaves and light gray bark. The weeping fig, or ficus, is typically grown indoors in a container. There are over 800 species and 2000 varieties of this tropical plant.

In native habitats, the weeping fig's environment ranges from full sun to full shade. While the ficus is tolerant of heavy handling and mistreatment, there are some basic care procedures that must be followed. Water the ficus tree consistently to keep the soil medium moist.

Insert your finger under the bark mulch. If the soil feels dry, water liberally. Allow the water to drain into a lower drip pan.

Remove the excess water from the pan to reduce sogginess to the roots. Soggy soil and roots cause the weeping fig leaves to drop.

Trim and train your weeping fig.

You can braid and weave the supple young stems of the plant and form different shapes. If you do this be certain to turn it often to allow the stems to develop evenly. Trimming will be essential to maintain the height and shape of your weeping fig.

You can prune them significantly without harming them.

Water your weeping fig correctly. Permit your fig to become somewhat dry before watering it thoroughly during the spring and summer.

During the fall and winter provide the weeping fig with merely enough water to prevent it from completely drying out. Do not allow any water to stay in the soil or it may become waterlogged.