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How To Care For A Weeping Fig Tree

How To Care For A Weeping Fig Tree

Plants can sometimes be difficult to care for, especially the little delicate ones. This video from VideoJug will show you how to care for a Weeping Fig with ease.

How to care for a weeping fig. This is just a plain green weeping fig. They do come in a variegated variety as well.

They're a member of the Ficus family so this is a Ficus Benjamina. Ficus Elastica is a rubber plant and they grow in rain forests in their natural environment. They are a parasite a bit like ivy that grows up a tree and will eventually clog the tree and strangle it.

So again, what we need to do is emulate its natural environment to care for it in the best way, and that would be somewhere that is very warm and damp and that has no draft. A lot of people put these in front of fireplaces or by doorways and get the very tall ones that look like a tree and it doesn't like the draft at all. This will cause the leaves to drop.

And another thing that happens with these is people either under water them or over water them. The best way of telling is when you got a brown leaf, if you scrunch it up and it stays in one piece and doesn't disintegrate, it's being overwatered. If it disintegrates, it's being under-watered.

And that's pretty much how you tell if any plant is being over or under watered or has been as well. So, that's about it really. You water them, I would say in a normal sort of 20 degree environment in a house about once a week and a plant this size, I would put probably a quarter of a pint in.

That would be about enough. So I'm going to water this one now. They like to be pot bound, most plants do.

So you can leave it in its pot for quite a few years. And again, because it's from an environment that's a rainforest, they don't have a lot of space for their root system so it's quite used to that. And that's it really.

Don't let it stand in water and that's it. You should have a healthy plant for years to come. To emulate the rain forest environment, you can spray your plants couple of times a week.

As that evaporates, that will help with the whole microclimate of the rain forest. And that's how you look after a weeping fig. .