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How To Care For Dwarf Rabbits

How To Care For Dwarf Rabbits

Caring for a dwarf rabbit can be a lot of work. It can even be more work than taking care of a cat or dog. This video will give you some tips and ways to care for your dwarf rabbit.

How to care for your dwarf rabbit: Now, the name "dwarf" can be quite deceiving. A lot of the time, dwarf doesn't necessarily mean small. Rabbits can come in all different shapes and sizes and a dwarf rabbit.

Make sure when you do purchase your rabbit, make sure you are aware of the size the rabbit will become so you have enough space for that breed. For the rabbit's care, make sure you have a great big house where there is an outdoor house which is wooden proof, weather proof and fox proof or an indoor cage where they have enough space to run around in. In their cage, they should have plenty of fresh water and they should have a china bowl full of their pellet food.

I don't advise plastic bowls as they can gnaw through these. They should have wood shavings in the bottom to suck up all the urine and poops. They should have straw on top so that they can sleep in and they will eat it as well and there should be a handful of hay and that's to help their digestive system.

There should be plenty of toys inside the cage to prevent boredom. There should also be a hide in there, they are quite novice animals and will like to hide and have their own privacy. Make sure you handle your rabbit daily to keep him tamed and to make sure your rabbit is nice and confident when handling.

Make sure the bottom and top area is fully supported when handling your rabbit. Never pick up your rabbit by the ears as this may cause your rabbit discomfort. All rodents including rabbits have teeth that continuously grow and it's really important that you do give them something to gnaw on, to stop those teeth from over-growing.

A wooden gnaw, you can purchase from your local vet or pet store. Normally, they are coloured flavoured pieces of wood or fruit flavoured that encourage them to chew. It can be a serious problem if the teeth do over-grow.

It can prevent them from eating and could lead to serious problems. If you are concerned about the length of your rabbit's teeth, please go consult your local vet or pet store and they will advise you promptly. Make sure the rabbit and the rabbit's hand are always clean at all times and if you have any concerns, please consult your local vet.

And that's how you care for your dwarf rabbit. I'm sure you've got plenty more questions, either contact your local vet or give us a call in the store. .