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How To Care For Ice Skates

How To Care For Ice Skates

Whether you skate for sport or pleasure, trainer and coach Robert Burgerman tells you how to take care of your ice skates to ensure a smooth safe experience on the ice and off.

Okay, so in this segment, we're going to talk about how to care for your ice skates. Obviously, your skates and your blades are tools of your trade. A really, really important factor is always make sure you have your guards with you at all times.

Okay, it's very very important not to walk around without your guards on. If you're off the ice, ensure that these are always on your blades. It'll prevent chipping and potentially damaging the blades which will stop you from skating a level that you're used to.

When the boots are actually off and in your bag, or in the boot of your car, take the guards off and pull them over a cushiony squeegee and put a towel around them. If you keep the guards on the blades while they're in your bag, they will rust, and by rusting, again, you're damaging your blades. Another key point of taking care of your blades and boots is to always try to get them sharpened every six weeks.

Very very important, that way, the blades will continue to be cutting the ice and again you'll be skating at the level that you've been acquired to. When taking your boots off after a long hard training session, I'm sure that your feet have been getting a little bit sweaty, so it's really important to make sure that you air your boots. Make sure the tongue is outside the boot and the laces are undone.

If not, what will happen is that the boots will start to become a little bit moldy over a period of time, and you'll get a lot less wear out of them. Very, very important to take care of your blades. Also, make sure that you wipe your blades completely dry with a towel, a tea towel, whatever it may be, just a nice cloth in order to ensure that no rust sets in overnight.

You'll see the difference if rust is on your blades. These are all key points to taking care of your blades and ensuring they last you for the length that they should. .