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How To Care For Your Gemstones

How To Care For Your Gemstones

Taking care of your gemstone jewellery is a very important to know. Whether it's your wedding ring or an emerald broach, you want to keep it looking its best as long as possible. This video gives you some simple tips on how to take care of gemstone jewellery.

Hi, I'm Cherie Birks from Cool Diamonds in London, Hatton Garden. I'm a goldsmith here, I've been a goldsmith for nearly ten years and I trained for that in Australia. But ultimately, we sell diamonds mounted in platinum, 18kt white gold and 18kt yellow gold.

I'm here to demonstrate polishing and resizing of rings and diamond jewellery. I'm here to talk about just general jewellery care with your gemstone set jewellery. Take a bit of time to really inspect your jewellery, rings and earrings and necklaces and that sort of thing.

You really want to check the settings like the claws that are holding them in. Especially on rings because during general wear and tear, the claws may or may not come loose. So avoid exposing your gemstone jewellery to extreme heat and extreme light.

Do store it out of direct sunlight because a lot of gemstones, like your quartz family, say amethyst, citrine's, smoky quartz, do fade in sunlight. So keep those out of the light when you're storing them. Gemstones to avoid extreme heat with would definitely be emeralds, because they are a very brittle stone and when they are at first cut, they are oiled to fill some of the crevices in them to make them look more beautiful as well.

This is a widely done process, it's nothing to worry about. But do keep them out of extreme heat because it can crack them. Most gemstones, you would want to keep out of extreme heat anyway.

Choosing jewellery to buy, think about how you will wear it, how much you will wear it, when you will wear it. Because choosing the gemstone that would be right for you is a case of durability and longevity. If you decide that you're going to wear your gemstone jewellery a lot, especially in the case of rings because your hands are always doing things, you'll need to choose a much more durable gemstone.

Something like a sapphire which come in a range of colors or rubies which are part of the sapphire family, mostly because they are the second most durable gemstone to diamond. So for pearl gemstone jewellery, again, to keep it looking nice and polished and shiny, again with rings, probably, don't wear them all the time. Do avoid a lot of harsh chemicals, harsh beauty products such as perfumes, hair sprays, hair dyes, and household chemicals as well.

A lot of cleaning detergents are really corrosive, especially on pearls because they are so soft and porous. Earring and pendants and that sort of thing, if you are going to wear perfume, put it on first and then put your jewellery on. And that's how you would take care of your gemstone jewellery. .