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How To Catch A Football

How To Catch A Football

Catching is a crucial part of football, and learning how to do it properly will help you improve your game, and catch like a pro! Here's how to catch a football.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to catch the American football. Phil's going to be catching today. The first thing to remember is that we always catch the football with our hands, and not with our body or with our chest.

If the ball is coming in nice and high, I'm expecting Phil to have a hand position with his thumbs and his index fingers together. If he's catching a ball low, I'm expecting him to hold his pinkies together and catch the ball in this little basket here. So, when he's thrown a football, he's got a great hand position ready to catch.

Another important part of the catch is what you see Phil doing at the end of the catch here; tucking it into his arms. Phil never takes his eye off the ball, and when he catches the ball, he tucks it under his chest so it's nice and secure, and it's nice and tight. That way, no opposing player is going to be able to take that ball from him because it's going to be secure, and he's not going to fumble the football.

You can see in the high catch, Phil's hand positions remain the same with his thumb and his forefinger together. He never takes his eye off the ball, and he tucks it away at the end of the catch. In the low catching position, Phil's fingers are together in a position to catch the ball and, again, never takes his eyes off the football and he tucks it away at the end.

And that's how you catch an American football. .