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How To Change A Car Oil Pressure Sensor

How To Change A Car Oil Pressure Sensor

If you find that the oil pressure switch in your car is leaking, then it's time to have it replaced. This video guides you through how to change that oil pressure switch and get rid of any oil blockages.

Let me show you how to change an oil pressure switch. Right, we start by removing the main feed wire, like so, and then by removing the unit. It's actually sized 22 millimeters.

The old pressure switch is located at the rear engine here. Remove the old unit like so, install the new one and then retighten. Then, reconnect the main feed wire and that is that job effectively done.

Then, we would start the engine to make sure the oil block is extinguished and there's no oil leak coming from that switch now. That's the old unit. You quite often find the main reason for replacing your old pressure switch is they leak around where the plastic meets the metal on either end or it basically gums up inside due to blockages and causes the oil to instil permanently.

That's how to change a pressure switch. .