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How To Change A Light Bulb

How To Change A Light Bulb

Learn the basic skill of changing a light bulb. This simple video teaches everyone how to change a light bulb in their house, work, or any other location.

Step 1: Welcome

Welcome to the video "How to Change a Light Bulb and Save the World".

Step 2: Change The Light Bulb

What do you do when the lights go out?

Well, that's easy, you change the bulb.

Oh no, now what?

The first step in changing a light bulb is to unplug the lamp from the wall. Then you need to remove the lampshade.

Step three covers removing the light bulb. Although, remember, right and tight, and left and loose. I've decided to save the world and use an incandescent light bulb.

The fourth step is to replace the light bulb with the new one. Now put the lampshade back on.

Let there be light.