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How To Change A Sewing Machine Needle

How To Change A Sewing Machine Needle

Learn how to select the proper needle thickness, remove, and replace the needle in your sewing machine. Knowing how to properly select and install the right needle for your sewing project is the first step you should take to solving common sewing machine problems and avoid them from reoccurring in the future.

I'm going to show you how to change the needle in your sewing machine. We have different machine needle sizes. It is best to get a pack of assorted ones where you have different thicknesses - 70, 80, 90, sometimes even 100 or 110.

What do these numbers mean? The lower the number, the thinner the needle. So if you sew on silk, for instance, you would choose a 70. If you make a coat or other heavy fabric, you would use 90.

For blue jeans, you would use 100 or 110. I will now show you how to change the needle. Most machines have a little wheel here.

First, lower the presser foot so that you have more room to work with and remove the thread. With your left hand, you hold the needle, and with your right hand, you open the wheel. Take the needle down, and that's how you take it out.

To insert the needle, you slide them. Open, bend this to the back, take one out. The needles are one side flat, and on one side round.

You always insert with the flat side to the back. Again, I hold the needle with my left hand, insert it into the opening - a normal pressure from your hand is enough to hold the needle. And that is how to change a sewing machine needle. .