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How To Change A Tyre

How To Change A Tyre

How To Change a Tyre. A thirteen step guide to changing the wheel/tyre of a car. This is an insightful video into the basics of changing a tyre whilst at the roadside.

Step 1: You will need…

  • flathead screwdriver
  • spare tyre
  • socket spanner
  • car jack
  • jack handle
  • reflective triangle
  • fluorescent jacket
  • torch
  • gloves
  • oil-based lubricant

Step 2: Secure car

Try to make sure your car is parked away from traffic and hand break is on.Put car onto firs gear or "park" if you have an automatic one. Put reflective triangle as far from the car as road type requires.

Step 3: Unpack equipment

The spare tyre and tools are usually kept under the carpet flooring in the boot of most cars. Check that the spare tyre is inflated and there is nothing lodged in the treads.

Step 4: Remove hubcap

To remove the hubcap use the flathead screwdriver.

Step 5: Loosen wheel nuts

Fit the socket spanner over each wheel nut and turn anti-clockwise. If they are stiff spray each one with an oil based lubricant. Loosen the wheel nuts but do not remove them.

Step 6: Position the jack

You will need the jack to raise the car so you can remove the tyre.

Firstly, find the jacking point, this differs from car to car, so use your Users' Manual to tell you where to find it.

Watch Out! If you attach the jack in the wrong place it may go through the floor of the car when you elevate it.

Also, if the car is parked on soft ground, place a board or carpet from the boot under the jack, to prevent it sinking into the ground under the weight of the car.

Once the jack is correctly positioned under the jacking point, wind it up with your hand until contact is made.

Step 7: Raise the car

The jack handle should hook through the end of the jack.

Slowly turn the jack handle in the clockwise direction. Leave enough space for a fully inflated tyre.

Step 8: Remove wheel nuts

Using the socket spanner and your hands, entirely remove the wheel nuts. Put the wheel nuts in a safe place, like the hubcap.

Step 9: Remove old tyre

Remove the wheel from the car and place it flat on the ground so that it doesn't roll away.

Step 10: Fit new tyre

Put the new tyre in place. Line up the bolts with the holes.

Step 11: Replace wheel nuts

Use your hand and then a socket spanner to fit and tighten the wheel nuts. Do not tighten them fully as it is easier to do that when the car is lowered.

Step 12: Lower car

Turn the jack handle anti-clockwise and remove the jack when the car is fully lowered.

Step 13: Tighten wheel nuts

Tighten the wheel nuts with the socket spanner then replace the hubcap.

Step 14: Done

Don't forget! You will need to have the flat tyre repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


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