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How To Change Roller Skate Wheels

How To Change Roller Skate Wheels

When you've been roller skating for long enough, your wheels are eventually going to need to be changed to maintain smooth and steady skating. This video instructs you how to remove your roller skate wheels and bearings, change them out or put them back on at your convenience.

Hi, I'm Stuart Thomas. I'm here at Roller City and I'm going to teach you how to roller skate. Now I'm going to show you how to change the wheels on a set of roller skates.

What you're going to need is your spanner that fits the correct mount, and undo it in an anti-clockwise direction. Once you've undone it all the way to the top, take the nut off and keep it to one side. Try not to lose it.

Once you've got the nut off, you'll pull the wheel off. See, it's come off. Best to get a cloth and give it a little bit of a wipe to get it free of any dirt or grime that's on there, and wipe the bearings over just making sure you've got all the grit and dirt out.

You can buy a bearing tool to extract the bearings, which is a lot easier, but if you're on the street, or in the rink it's quicker just to put one bearing over the top of your spindle and twist, taking the bearing out. You want to do that on both sides or push down, taking both bearings out. That frees up your wheel.

Same again, get a cloth, just wipe any dirt or grease out. Same with both bearings, just give them a little light rub. Some people do use WD-40 to give them a little bit of a greasing.

It's not really the greatest thing because after a while you'll just wear the bearings out quicker. You're best to let them run in themselves, and that way they'll pick up their own natural grease and last a lot longer. Same again, putting them back in.

Just level them up. Press down with both fingers. Same with the other side.

Put the bearing in, push them in tight, make sure they sit in nice and flat. Put the wheel back on, take your nut, screw it in a clockwise direction, and then tighten it with the spanner. That's how you change wheels and bearings both ways. .