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How To Change Rollerblade Wheels

How To Change Rollerblade Wheels

This is how to easily change your rollerblade wheels.

Hi, I'm Stuart Thomas. I'm here today at Roller City, and I'm going to show you how to roller skate. Now, I'm going to show you how to take the wheel off.

On the blade, you have two inline tools, one for both sides. What you need to do is put a key in one side, and a key in the other, and turn directions. When you get over the initial groves and dirt, it should come free.

Sometimes, they are quite stiff. There you have it. That's taking the bolts out.

After that, slide your wheel out, get a cloth, and wipe the top surface of your bearings. Make sure they're clean nice and free. Once they're done, you can do all four wheels.

Put them together, making sure you slide in properly, put the bolts back in together. These are the bolts that go through the blades. Now, on the 4, they are slightly different, you have just a spindle.

Now, just a second. Now, remember to turn this one clockwise to do it up. Sometimes it helps to put the second key in to screw it tight.

Try not to over-tighten the wheel. And, that's how you change wheels on rollerblades. .