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How To Change Windscreen Wiper Blades

How To Change Windscreen Wiper Blades

Change Windscreen Wiper Blades. Discover how to fit the blades correctly to your windscreen wipers. This is crucial for those rainy days.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 set of new wiper blades
  • 1 set of plastic adaptors

Step 2: Secure the vehicle

Park the car on a level surface away from traffic if possible, in automatic cars shift the gear stick into the Parking position, shift manual cars into first gear.
Engage the parking brake.


Avoid fire hazard. Do not smoke if you are carrying out this task in non-ventilated surroundings.

Step 4: Remove the old blades

Pull up the wiper arm away from the windscreen until it locks in a vertical position.

Move the old blades at right angles to the wiper arm. Blade and arm must form the shape of the letter T.
Unfasten the old blade; you may have to press a securing tab with your finger or screwdriver for final release. Pull the old windscreen wiper blade downwards, and remove the blade sliding the two parallel metal bars over the top of the wiper arm.

Step 5: Fit the correct plastic adaptor

This may not be necessary if the blades come with the
adaptor already fitted. Remove the old plastic adaptor. If the old adaptor comes off in one piece it can still be used.

Fit the correct adaptor to the wiper arm. You will hear a clicking sound when the adaptor is properly in place.

Step 6: Replace the windscreen wipers

Place the new wipers carefully on the bonnet in the position they are supposed to be fitted.
Make sure the blades are the right way around,they must be orientated the same way as the old wipers. Take a good look of the fastening mechanism of your particular blades before you proceed. On some models you have to connect the plastic adaptor to the blade first, on others to the arm first. In either case the blade is hinged inside the plastic adaptor, which itself is firmly attached to the wiper arm. Now take the new wiper and connect it to the wiper arm. Connect the wiper blade to the arm by pulling the already attached plastic adaptor into the metal hook at the end of the wiper arm; or pull the blade into the plastic adaptor which you have already attached to the arm. You will hear a clicking sound when the blade is properly in place. Carefully lower the wiper arm onto the windscreen. Make sure it is securely connected. Repeat this process on the other wiper.

Step 7: Check proper function

Pull the lever to operate the windscreen washer wiper. Make sure all water is cleared from the windscreen and check for correct operation.