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How To Change Your Headlight

How To Change Your Headlight

Here are the simple steps it takes to change your car's headlights or headlamps. This video gives you all the useful advice needed to change the light bulbs in the headlight on any motor vehicle.

Step 1: You Will Need

New headlamp or headlight (depending on car)
Screwdriver or specialty driver

Step 2: Set Up

There are two kinds of headlights: Old school sealed headlamps and more modern component headlights with a changeable bulb. Be sure to turn off your headlight switch in car.

Step 3: Older Light: Remove Retaining Rings

If your car has a sealed headlight, remove the screws and molding around the headlight. Locate the second retaining ring and remove those screws. This should free the headlight.

Step 4: Unplug

Pull headlight gently forward and unplug the poewr cable attached to the back of the lamp.

Step 5: Let There Be Light

Plug new headlamp into power socket, replace the two retaining ring, molding and screws.

Step 6: Component Headlights: Remove bulb

If you have a component headlight, reach behind the headlight assemly and carefully remove th eburned out bulb by rotating or unscrewing the socket.

Step 7: Replace New Bulb

Place new bulb into the socket, without touching bulb directly with your fingers.

Step 8: Retighten Assembly

Retighten the bulb fastener to the bulb assembly.