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How To Change Your Oil

How To Change Your Oil

Change The Oil In Your automobile. A great video tutorial showing you the basics of car maintenance; that of changing your car's oil. This simple guide will increase the lifetime value of the automobile. Learn how to carry out the perfect oil change.

Step 1: You Will Need

1 Pair of Wheel Ramps
1 Pair of Blocks
1 Large Open Container
1 Oil Filter Wrench
1 New Oil Filter That Matches Your Car
1 Funnel
Some Newspaper
Some Old Rags
1 Pair of Work Gloves

Step 2: Setup

Find level place to work. Let engine run to warm up the oil. Drive car slowly onto the wheel ramps.

Step 3: Brake Wheels

Set parking brake and brace the back wheels.

Step 4: Get Down

Get under car and locate the oil drain plug on oil pan.

Step 5: Position Container & Drain

Lay down old newspapers to protect ground, then position container so it will catch the oil. Then unscrew the oil plug and let it drain into the container. It could take upto one hour to let drain completely. When oild no longer drains, replace the oil plug.

Step 6: Remove Old Oil Filter

Always replace oil filter when changing the oil. Use oil fliter wrench to unscrew. Be careful!! Oil filter contains hot oil. So use the gloves and handle with care.

Step 7: Replace New Oil Filter

Coat the rim of the new filter with new oil. Screw into place, but don't over tighten.

Step 8: Fill Her Up

Find oil fill cap near engine, then remove. Place funnel into hole. Pour into the proper type and amount, as listed in your car Owner's Manual. Then check oil by re-inserting and removig the dipstick.

Step 9: Clean Up

Replace the fill cap, carefully dispose of the old oil filter, clean up any excess drippings on the engine or the ground. Don't forget to dispose of your old oil at the local recycling facility.

See you in another 7,500 miles.