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How To Charge A Psp

How To Charge A Psp

This video demonstrates how to charge your PSP battery and also offers tips to save battery usage like dimming the screen, turning off the wireless network and using download games.

Now, the PSP is a great device for gaming but, of course, every now and then, you need to plug it in and charge it up. You need to do this before you go out for some playing outside but you also need to do this before you update the firmware because it would not update unless your battery is full. I am going to give you some tips on saving battery and charging your PSP.

Here are some tips on how to avoid charging your PSP too often. There are a number of things that you can do that would reduce the amount of battery it consumes. Firstly, you can dim the screen.

By doing that, you reduce the amount of energy the screen is being used to display. If you are not using the feature, then you can turn off the wireless network and thirdly, if you use download games rather than disk based games, then go to the back again, you won't use so much battery. So, plug in your PSP for charging.

There is a socket here at the bottom of the device in yellow. You plug one end of the charger in here that came with the PSP, the other end at the wall and you will start charging. As it charges, you get to see the battery level increase.

To recap, to charge your PSP, you just get your charger and plug into the port at the bottom of the console. Also, to save battery, reduce your screen brightness, turn WIFI off and play download games. So, that's how you charge your PSP. .