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How To Charge Your Cellphone USB Style

How To Charge Your Cellphone USB Style

Learn how you can charge your cellphone with a simple USB cable modification.

Step 1: Project

In this "How To", I'm going to show you another way to charge your phone on the go. This is an easy to make USB cell phone charger.

I pulled my old Nokia out of retirement for this project to show you how it works.

Step 2: USB Cable

First, you need a standard USB cable. I picked a black one because it matches the other end of the cable we'll be using.

You're going to want to retain the USB end that plugs into the computer and go ahead and cut off the other end of the USB cable.

After stripping the insulation and separating the wires, you'll notice there are four wires; red, green, white and black.

With your computer on, go ahead and plug the USB cable into the USB port.

Step 3: Check the Voltage

And using a volt meter, check each of the wires and look for the one that has five volts. It's typically going to be the red one. And black will be your ground.

After you've checked it, go ahead and unplug the cable from your computer.

Step 4: Charge The Phone

Then, I'm using a spare 12-Volt charger that I have for the Nokia phone. You want to remove the 12-Volt end that would plug into your car, leaving just the end that plugs into the phone. And also stripping the wires off that will reveal two wires. In this case, a red and a white.

Now before we put everything together, go ahead and slide some shrink tubing on. This will make for a nice clean cable when you're done. In this case, I'll be soldering the red to the red and the white to the black.

After the solder job is complete, I stuck a little piece of black electrical tape in between the wires to prevent them from touching.Then I slid my shrink tubing on and heated it up gently with a flame. You don't want to burn the shrink tubing. Just warm it up to seal it up.

Step 5: Finish

And here we go. Plug the USB cable into your computer and plug the other end into your phone. And as you can see, it's charging my cell phone. Now there's an easy, on the go, USB cell phone charger.