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How To Check Car Basics Inside The Car

How To Check Car Basics Inside The Car

Whether you are looking to pass the Show Me Tell Me part of your practical driving test, or just want to brush up on your car maintenance films, this is the film for you.

Step 1: Power Steering

There are two simple ways to test the power steering is working. Firstly, before you start the car turn the steering wheel slightly, it will feel locked. Once the engine is running try again, if the power steering is working correctly you will feel a small but noticeable movement.

The second way is to turn the steering wheel just after you have moved off, the wheels should move with ease. If the steering feels heavy it's not working properly

Step 2: Parking brake

The parking brake is another name for the hand brake. You can tell it's working correctly by feeling resistance when you apply it. It should hold the car securely.

Step 3: Horn

Checking to see if the horn works is simple. You will be able to hear it when you press down on the control. You must only test the horn when the car is off-road.

Step 4: Indicators and hazard warning lights

Turn on the ignition and switch on the indicators. A light on the instrument panel will flash, as should the front and rear indicators. You might be able to see the light reflecting off nearby obstacles, but if not get out of the car to check. Don't forget to test both the left and right sides. And switch them off when you are satisfied they're working

To check the hazard warning light switch on the control. You will see the warning light flash on the control panel, and hear it ticking. Walk around the car to make sure all hazard lights are flashing, and that no other lights are illuminated. Turn the hazard warning off after the check.

Step 5: Brakes

Test the brakes before you move off, you should feel resistance as you press your foot down. Test again just after you pull away, they should adequately stop the car without pulling to one side. If they don't feel firm pull over and call vehicle recovery.