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How To Check The Oil In Your Car

How To Check The Oil In Your Car

Learn how to check the oil in your car. A brief but very effective guide to checking the oil in your car. Learn how to do a perfect oil filter check with VideoJug's helpful guide on the tips and techniques for checking your oil.

Step 1: You Will Need

1 Rag or Paper Towel
Ownner's Manual
1 Quart of Oil

Step 2: Set Up

Park you car on a level surfce and turn off your engine

Step 3: Pop Hood

Pull hood release to unlock hood. Under front of hood, use lever to lift the hood. IF you have metal rod to hold in position, use it to lock into place.

Step 4: Find The Dipstick

The dipstick is a long piece of metal sticking out of the engine, usually with a colored or lubed handled. If you have trouble finding the dipstick, consult your Owner's Manual.

Step 5: Prepare Dipstick for Reading

Pull dipstick out of sleeve, wipe the end cleanl. Reinsert dipstick until back into its place. Then remove again and look at the very last couple of inches.

Step 6: Read Between The Lines

The oild should reach up to the second line or dot. If the level falls to the lower line/dot, you need to add a quart of oil. If the oil is very dark and looks like molasses, you may need an oil change.

Step 7: Recommended Oil

Check your Owner's Manual for the recommened grade of oil for your car. There are many different varieties, depending on your car, climate or driving habits.

Step 8: Pour Oil

Find and remove the oil fill cap, pour in the required amount of oil. Replace the oil fill cap.

Step 9: Recheck Levels

Recheck the dipstick and check the levels are good.