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How To Check Your Pulse

How To Check Your Pulse

A fast and easy way to check for signs of illness. Once you've mastered the technique teach your friends and family! Checking your pulse and others could be a critical skill to learn. So learn the skill now with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: Check radial pulse

This is also known as the pulse on the inside of the wrist. Use the pads of three fingers . Place these just below the wrist creases at the base of the thumb. Press lightly until you feel a pulse.

Step 2: Check and record

Make a note of the rate of the pulse, which is the number of beats per minute. Then check the strength of the pulse to see if it is strong or weak and if the rhythm is regular or irregular.

Step 3: Check carotid pulse

Alternatively to feel a pulse on the side of the neck, place two fingers, preferably your index and middle finger, in the hollow between the windpipe and the large muscle in the neck. Press lightly until you feel a pulse.
Then record your findings.