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How To Check Your Transmission Fluid In A Vehicle

How To Check Your Transmission Fluid In A Vehicle

In checking your vehicle's transmission fluid, it may be better to refer to your handbook because manual gearboxes vary from car to car. However, if you want to get a clear picture of the procedure, then this video basically shows how to check a car's transmission fluid.

Right, we're now going to show you how to check the transmission fluid in the manual gearbox. They do all vary from car to car. You should either check your handbook or consult with the main dealer.

This is a manual gearbox which has a draining bung and a checking bung just here. An automatic gearbox quite often has a dipstick which you'd remove to check the level that way. I'll show you how to check the level in this one.

First thing we do is we're checking around just to make sure there's no damage to the exterior of the box, make sure there's no major oil leak. We've got a small oil leak here but that's basically pretty much nothing, to be honest. There's no sign of any other major oil leaks anywhere or any damage that will cause your oil to be too low.

So now, with this tool, right, this is the draining bung tool you'll need to remove the bang in the gearbox. Obviously, not everybody is going to have one of these. So if you haven't, it would be wise to contact your local garage.

We need to inset into there, undo the bung, right, check the level, we remove the bung. If the oil runs out of the gearbox, you know the oil level is fine. If the oil doesn't run out, it needs adding to.

So remove the bung now and you can see that the oil actually comes out inside the gearbox, so there's sufficient oil in that gearbox at this time. To top up the gearbox, you would need to fill it through that hole but you need to consult with either your motor factors or your main dealer to get a specific grade of the oil that your car takes. Then obviously, once you're done, you just retighten and with a piece of cloth, just remove any residue spilled out.

And that's basically how to check and top up a manual gearbox. .