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How To Chill A Coke In Two Minutes

How To Chill A Coke In Two Minutes

Superchill soda, beer and other drinks quickly! Here's the secret if you don't want ice in your beverage!

Step 1: The Experiment

Have you ever forgotten to stock your fridge with your favorite soda or beer ? I know I have. If you're really thirsty and all you're left with is that room temperature soda, I'm going to show you how to super chill a Coke in 2 minutes.

Room temperature soda is pretty nasty, almost 80 degrees right out of the can, but here's all you need to do to super chill it. Depending on how many you want to chill, get yourself a bowl with ice and water in it. Then take ordinary salt, about a handful, and put it in with the ice-water mixture, then load up your drinks and stir them around.

Step 2: Scientific Proof

This is the second law of thermal-dynamics. Basically the salt reduces the freezing point of the water, and allows it to become super chilled.

Step 3: Watch The Proof

Ok, 2 minutes is up. Let's take the thermometer from the room temperature coke and put it in the one we just super chilled. Check it out, in 2 minutes, 43 degrees, that's about the perfect temperature for a nice cold Coke.

This will work with just about any drink, in a can or a bottle. The next time you're dry, super chill your drink.