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How To Choose A Cut Of Beef

How To Choose A Cut Of Beef

This VideoJug film explains the best ways of selecting a cut of beef, and how to tell if the colour and marbling of the meat shows if the meat is tender.

Hi, welcome to Godfrey's, one of Britain's best butcher shops. Today I'm going to give you a small insight into little tips about meat, that might make things a little bit clearer for you at home and might be a help to you. How to choose good beef? The first thing is color, you want to look at it, you want a nice ruby sort of red.

Some beef that has been hung will have what they call a tied mark around it, which is that brown. That's okay, as long as the meat itself is still nice and moist and it's not been dried out and they've all cut a long time in advance. Steaks - you're looking for a nice bit of marbling, which is like the speckled fats that are inside the actual grains of meat itself.

That shows you that the meat has been grass fed and that it has had a good diet and it's the right age for eating. It's just nice when it's like that. Those are going to be really tender, those ones there.

The color is obviously an important part of it as well. You just want it to look fresh. You don't want it looking too fresh, you don't want it looking like it's so bright that it jumps out at you, because that's not good as well if it's too fresh.

You just want it nicely hung, and you just want it nicely freshly cut. And that's the main things you want to look for. That's how to choose good meat, good beef.