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How To Choose A Maxi Dress

How To Choose A Maxi Dress

Have you ever seen a beautiful flowing maxi dress in the store window that you couldn't live without, and wondered "How on earth would I glam that up?" or "What season should I wear that in?" Well, here are your answers to the mysteries of the Maxi Dress: how to wear it, when to wear it, and what to pair it with! This video will help you choose the perfect maxi dress to flatter your figure and update your wardrobe for any season!

Hi, I'm Claire Wacey, and I'm a personal stylist, and I'm going to give you some style tips today. For any style tips that you need that you don't find on these videos, go to my website, www.clairewacey.

com. Hi. Today I'm going to talk to you about how to choose a maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are such a great look for summer and for this autumn and winter as well. And the most important thing when your picking a maxi dress is to decide what the look is that your going for. Firstly, I'm going to talk about the summer maxi dresses that I've got here.

These kind of fall under a slightly more bohemian feel or a kind of a "Little House on the Prairie" style. This is a strapless maxi, it works really well on all figure shapes. Mainly because this ruching here means that you get support even if you have a bigger bust.

But if you've got a smaller bust, it actually helps to enhance your bust. This is a really great maxi. It's got a full skirt so it's really really flattering for all body shapes.

So it will skim a larger hip, it will disguise a bigger tummy, and it will enhance a bigger bust, so it's a big winner. It's a really great look for that summer evening out or even just on holiday, at the beach, whatever. You can dress it up and you can dress it down.

If you're dressing it down, just throw a pair of flip-flops on and a pair of sunglasses, but if you're taking it up to the next level, try putting some bling on it. So add some gold jewelry, just to be really bang on trend, and try a wedge heel, it really helps to lift the mood of the maxi. Another really great casual summer maxi is this one.

Now, this is slightly different in terms of the fit for different body shapes. This one works really well on a rhubarb shape. The reason it works on a rhubarb shape is because of this broach detailing in the center creates a form for a bust, so you don't actually have to have a bust to fill it, it will create the bust for you.

And this strap also helps to lift any bust that you have, so it creates more for the bosom, and also, it's really great at elongating the body. I mean, rhubarbs are already tall and slender anyway, but it just really helps to accentuate your slimness and your tallness. Really, also, it's very good for an apple shape, and apple shape carry their weight around the tummy.

And this ruching detail here and how the fall of the fabric works is really good at elongating the body, so it's really really flattering on the tummy. And also it's giving you that support for your bust. A really fab maxi dress, the print's a really great size for full body shapes.

The only thing I'd say with prints is avoid anything that's too small of a print because it'll make you look bigger. A really great maxi dress I've got here is much more autumn-winter. It's really key trend this autumn-winter to wear a maxi with tights and boots, and maybe even putting chunky knits underneath with big cardigans over the top.

The reason this is such a flattering maxi dress for most body shapes is because it's an empire line, so it comes underneath the bust, so it flatters every type of bust. But also, it's crossover, so it's nice and open for you to play around with putting some great accessories. Another thing is, it's got a blouson sleeve, which is really really flattering if you're slightly concerned about showing off your arms.

So if these are really not for you, because you're worried about your arms, this is where you should be heading, because it's flattering on the arm, creates a bit more volume, but it also disguises it. Comes in nicely under the bust so it shows off everyone's smallest part, and then it skims over the hips and just goes straight to the floor and creates a really glamorous elegant feel. If you're going to be wearing this for autumn-winter, add a chunky knit and really go over the top with your accessories.

If, however, these are a little bit too floral and a bit patterned for you, you ca