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How To Choose A Treadmill

How To Choose A Treadmill

If you have been looking for a good way to exercise from the comfort of your own home, we'll show you some great tips on how you can choose a treadmill that's perfect for your needs.

In this video, I'm going to talk to you about how to choose a treadmill. Now, a treadmill replicates running. What's great about a treadmill is you can do it anywhere, you can have it in your home, which means when it's cold or rainy outside or icy, you can still train.

Another great advantage of a treadmill is that you can change the gradient. By making the gradient higher, you make it harder, your lungs have to work harder so it's a better exercise for your health and your fitness, also with your legs, you're working more the front of your legs - your quads - when you run uphill so it's good for you getting a bit more muscles in the front. Another great thing about a treadmill is you can swap between jogging and sprinting really easily, so if you're a sprinter and you want to get more speed, you can use your treadmill to get that.

If you just want to lose a little bit of weight and getting some jogging or maybe training for a marathon, you can use it. Because it's in your home, you're more likely to actually go running as well. You don't need to get your gym kit, you don't need to book time, find a running partner, you can just go and do it there and then.

When choosing a treadmill, always get one from a reputable store or go to online and go for a good brand and make sure there's a good warranty on there. It breaks down, you need someone to come into your home and fix it, if you can't fix it yourself. When you buy a treadmill nowadays, you always get some automated program so you can just press a button and you can do an interval training, a Fartlek training, uphill, downhill, sprints.

So, you don't need to plan it out, you can just press a button, put your headphones on and go. These treadmills here, these are designed for commercial gym use. They're very big, very bulky, very sturdy, they're designed to have lots of people of different weights and sizes running on them at every hour.

And there are some tips on how to choose a treadmill. .