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How To Choose A Well-Fitting Bra

How To Choose A Well-Fitting Bra

London lingerie boutique Phoebe Carlyle explains how to find a bra that fits you perfectly. Learn how to get the correct bra for your body type.

Step 1: Choose a style

Before buying a bra, decide what you need it for and which style is most suitable for the job.

Balcony or half cup bras give a beautiful shape and will boost your cleavage. These styles are not the best fit for women with a bra size larger than a D cup as they do not provide adequate support.

For more support, choose an underwire bra. This will also give a smooth line and a flattering shape.

If you have a fuller bust, a full cup bra is a good choice for everyday wear. It will provide excellent support and is especially suited to sizes DD and above.

Plunge bras enhance cleavage and are ideal for wearing under clothes with a low neckline.

Step 2: Try a bra

Select the bra you would like in your size. Stand up straight and adjust your breasts with your hands to make sure they are in the cups properly.

Fasten the bra on the loosest hook. This means that when it stretches after you have worn it for awhile, you can tighten it later by using the other hooks.

Step 3: The band

Look at the band that goes around your body. This should provide most of the support, not the shoulder straps. The band that runs around your body should sit horizontally just below your shoulder blades and not ride up at the back at all. It should feel firm and snug, and resist when you try to pull it away. If it is at all loose, try the next band size down.

Step 4: The front panel

The wires running underneath the bust should lie flat against your rib cage and enclose the breast rather than sit on the breast tissue. The front panel between your breasts should not dig in, rub or stick out at the front. If these wires are lifting away, this is a sign the cup size is too small.

Step 5: The cups

If your breasts bulge over the top of the cups or at the sides of the bra, the cup size is again too small.
If the cups are wrinkled, then they are too big.
The cups should fully contain your breasts and create a smooth line where the top of the cups meets your breasts

Step 6: Compensate for changes to size

Cup sizes are not consistent. - the cup size of a 36B will be bigger than the cup size of a 34B. It is important to remember that if you go down a back size, you will need to compensate by increasing a cup size. And remember, all brands cut differently, so one brand's 34B may be bigger or smaller than another. It is always worth being fit for each bra you try to ensure it is suited to your shape and desired look.

Step 7: Try on under clothing

Put your top on over the bra to see how it looks under your clothing. Look at your profile in the mirror from the side to make sure that you are happy with the overall silhouette the bra gives you.

Step 8: Move around

Move your arms and stretch as you would everyday to check that the bra will give you the support you need.
Once you've decided that you are satisfied and every aspect is to your liking, you have found your perfect bra.