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How To Choose Cheese

How To Choose Cheese

How do you choose the perfect cheese? VideoJug's Tom Williams went to the World Cheese Awards' Judging Day, to find what they look for in a champion cheese.

Step 1: Cheddar

Like wine, you must allow cheddar to breathe. Never eat it straight from the fridge, and always wait for it to get to room temperature.

If you get the chance, give it a squeeze, the firmer it is, the more mature

The darker the colour of cheddar the strong it will taste

Step 2: Stilton

There should be a good spread of white and blue running through the cheese

The rind should not be too yellow, but a pale dappled colour is a good indicator of quality.

The rind should be knobbley and coarse- not too smooth.

Step 3: Brie

It should be solid, and absolutely not too runny. It must stay in one piece.

Brie must not be chalky in the middle