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How To Choose Gerbil Names

How To Choose Gerbil Names

Gerbils may not be able to respond to their given names but it's still fun to choose pet names. Here's how you could find gerbil names.

Hi, my name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department at Wood Green Animal Shelters and I'm going to tell you how to care for gerbils. I'm going to tell you how to choose a gerbil's name.

Gerbils generally don't recognize their names, so be creative when you're thinking about it because they're not always going to respond to it. And also such as rats and hamsters and rabbits, may often respond to their names, but gerbils are quite happy with their accommodation and won't recognize the sound that you are calling them. When thinking about a name, maybe think about whether their personality reminds you of something or maybe even a subject that you like, a favourite food, a favourite sports star or even someone famous.

Here we have Bill and Ben, named after the flower pot men. Another favourite of ours is some of the Harry Potter characters. You could maybe name them Harry and Dumbledore.

Be creative about it and think about different ideas. You could also use children's baby names books. They've got fantastic names in there.

There are also many websites that you could try which will give you whole lists of A to Z list, so names for your gerbils and very different species. Another great example would be a children's book. Here at the shelter, we've often found many of our animals' names via children's books, so we have got a guinea pig called Mrs.

Piggle and Mrs. Wiggle. So, really have a look on your bookshelf and I bet you'll get some really good examples from there.

Alternatively, you can also pop to your local animal shelter and get some ideas. You're going to find in that shelter all sorts of names that they've had to come up with and speak to the staff, I'm sure they'll be able to give you some suggestions for your new gerbils. And that's how to choose a gerbil name. .