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How To Choose Glasses - Eye Positioning

How To Choose Glasses - Eye Positioning

Eye positioning with glasses can cause a lot of problems such as a the wrong frame effecting the balance in your eye position. So please choose glasses that are correct with VideoJug's assistance.

Step 1: The Aim

Here we’re talking about tips to help you choose glasses. And I hope you’re finding these ideas useful. Making your choosing of glasses more enjoyable as well.

Step 2: The Position Of Your Eyes

Another tip I want to give you is about looking carefully where your eyes are in this whole process of choosing glasses.
Some people have eyes very wide apart, like I do. The distance between the center of my pupils is about 72 millimeters. The average distance between the eyes is around about 62-63 mm. So my eyes are very wide apart.
But in this frame they look fairly center, fairly balanced I think.

Step 3: Alignment In The Face

Now a lot of people have eyes very close together. And if they wore a very wide frame like this and their eyes are close together, that wide frame will emphasize the eyes being close together and will throw the eyes out of the alignment. And it’s throwing the face out of alignment that I think spoils things for the face. This is what’s causing problems. Not being aware of how bringing alignment to the face begin to unbalance things.

Step 4: Creating Harmony

The purpose of bringing this line into your face is to create balance and harmony. Not disharmony, distortion, misalignments, which looks odd. It doesn’t look right.

Step 5: Unflattering Frames

Here’s a frame which we looked at earlier. People have eyes that are misaligned. One eye is higher, one eye is lower. And so a frame like it would emphasize that, would emphasize the misalignment of the eye because one eye would be closer to that rim and one would be closer to that rim - and will just make it worse.

Step 6: Dark Coloured Frames

And the same would go with very dark colors. I think someone with that kind of problem would be better off wearing very, very light colors of crystal which would then wouldn’t then emphasize the eye misalignment.
I hope you found that tip useful. Thanks for joining me, we’ll talk again later.