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How To Choose Glasses - Nose Shapes

How To Choose Glasses - Nose Shapes

The size and shape of your nose can be influenced with the wrong choice of prescriptive glasses. So learn with this video how to choose glasses for different nose shapes.

Step 1: Introduction

From Robert Roope Opticians in Albans, UK, welcome to another tip on how to choose your glasses, how to make the best of them.

Step 2: Glasses effect nose shape.

And this evening, I want to talk about how glasses affect the shape of your nose, the length of your nose particularly. I have a long nose. I quite like my nose. I'm quite happy with it. Lots of people aren't happy with their nose. They spend lots of money on plastic surgery, as you know, to change the shape, and shorten it particularly. But there's a very simple way to achieve that, which I'm now going to show you.

Step 3: See it in action:

As you're choosing your glasses, you, with metal frames anyway, will choose frames like this. Watch how my nose becomes longer when I try this frame on. Do you see that? Look at that. This bar here raised right up and has now made my nose longer, and my nose is kind of out of proportion to the rest of my face.

Step 4: Shortening your nose:

Now, we can change this frame and have a much nicer effect. Here we go. I'm going to try on the frame I wear a lot of, this one. See what happens now. That nose is much shorter. Not only that, my nose is much narrower and much more in proportion to the rest of my face. It's so simple how you can change your nose shape, your appearance, and the length of your nose. Some people look great with it on. Lots are very happy with it. But if this is something you want to do, this is the way to do it. Good night and thank you for joining me.