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How To Choose Hair Highlights And Lowlights

How To Choose Hair Highlights And Lowlights

When choosing highlights and lowlights for hair, it is important to think about what you are taking away and adding in terms of colour. In this short guide Brad, from Colour Nation London, walks us through the process and explains about peroxide volume, adding lowlight colour and highlights using foils on blonde hair.

Hi, my name is Brad. I work at Colour Nation, London hairdressers. I'm going to show you how to choose highlights and lowlights.

So if we look at the natural hair colour, which is about a natural level 7, one of the highlights that we use in our foils is going to be a bleach and is 6% peroxide. The other is going to be a high lift hint, and if we're looking to do lowlights in this type of hair we don't want the lowlights to be too dark so it looks like really dark stripes through the hair, we want to get as close to natural as possible.
So I'm going use a natural tint on about a level 7 and I'm going to use that with about a 2%.

We use Wella Pastel which about 2% peroxide which is going to bring the colour down and tint it, but it's not going to make it go too dark. Also, we only need a very low volume peroxide to develop the lowlight because we don't need to lift the hair we're just depositing colour. When we're choosing lowlights to go over blonde hair one of the most important things to remember is: when your hair has been lifted up to this light in the ends, all the warmth has been taken out in the red pigment and the underlying warm pigment has been taken out.

So when we're putting in a natural brown back over the top is does need to have some warmth in it. If we put on a lowlight that's too ashy or too flat in colour, that's when we start to get your green hair and you start to get a really matt colour. So we do need to deposit a little bit of warmth back into the hair to do a lowlight over very blonde.

So for these highlights and lowlights we want the end result to be quite natural so we've chosen our ash blonde, a warm blonde and a lowlight.
So we chose highlights and lowlights, we used ash blonde, a golden blonde, we've used a natural brown for the lowlights and that's how you choose hair highlights and lowlights.