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How To Choose Iron On Patches

How To Choose Iron On Patches

Iron-on patches are fun to put on your shirts. But first, you must know how to choose one.

Hi, my name's Lalji Varsani from Crystals R Us. Today, we will show you various aspects of how to apply iron on items. There are millions of patches out there on the high streets and on the internet, and most of them, you can find them ironed or readymade like these patches are ironed on.

It has a special glue at the back and once you iron it on or you apply it with a press, the glue melts and sticks to the fabric. Now, you can iron patch. Most common patches are stuck in the middle of a t-shirt like this and that really does look nice but you can also put patches in the corner to make it unique and customized, and we have patches of all different themes.

If you like butterfly, you can have a patch in a form of butterfly and also, you can have another small butterfly coming out like that. That makes it an actual unique patch, or you can have it on the front and at the top like this, and all these patches are ironed on. It takes literally 15 seconds to apply it to a t-shirt.

There are patches of all things and sizes, and here are some of the patches that we have. With this teddy bear, you can actually, if you wanted to, you can have it on a sleeve. You can have it on a side pocket here.

We have patches of all sorts. And if you have a patch, I'm going to say if you have a patch like this sewn one, that you want to create an iron on, then you can get special glue sheets like this one. This glue sheet is a special iron-on glue sheet which comes in two parts.

These are two parts here. I don't know if you can see it, one side's a glue and other side's a greaseproof paper. Now with this sheet, you can make any items become ironed on.

So if you have your own patches and you want to put on a t-shirt, put it on a jeans pocket, jacket, evening dresses, and that will do the job. One sheet will make many patches. As you can see, if you have a flag and you want to make that ironed on, you place that on the glue sheet, cut around it and you turn that upside down and you iron the back.

Once you iron the back, the glue melts into the fabric and you peel the greaseproof paper and that makes a patch ironed on. Hope you enjoyed our little demonstration. If you wish to order any of our products, please visit www.

crystalsrus.com and you can email us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. .