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How To Choose Jeans

How To Choose Jeans

These are the do's and don'ts in picking out the best jeans for you and your body shape.

I'm Rudy and I work for Sonofastag. Sonofastag works for different denim jeans brand around the world as consultants and has a store in London. We're going to show you how to look after your jeans and get the best from them.

I'm going to show you how to choose jeans. It's a very simple task, a lot of people are going to go through the task of choosing jeans, when you choose a pair of jeans, I think it's best to go to a store where they really know their stuff. It's very easy so, the few permutations you have to take are, obviously your body shape.

You need to look at what type of jean is best for you, a boyfriend cut for a girl, if you want a boyfriend look, you don't want an oversized jean, you want a jean that's hitting low. So in lay terms, in easy terms explained to people, helping you make this selection and what you want from jeans and the other is the fact of if you want it darker or you want a light pair of jeans that can wear down. Or whether it's a particular brand you want, I always try and insist that people get the best choice and go to the store that stock a lot of different brands.

It's much easier to go to a large stock store because you get the best choice from each brand than if you go to a singular brand. If it's the right brand and that's best for you, than do so because then you know the fitting is there. But there is a good chance other brands also give you the same fitting probably in different colors and styles for permutations, so when you work out what you want, it's best to actually work with your body shape.

There are two or three things very important to a jean. The bum for most girls, the bum, that is the key area. If you get the bum right and you like the bum area and it fits you well, then you ask for the same but in a different perspective whether flair or boot cut or narrow leg or skinny, you can get the same ones normally with the same bum shape.

The other idea is to make sure the rise is either high or low so some girls like the higher waist jeans and some girls like the lower waist jeans. Guys have the same permutations. You can have the same sort of thing on, if you put a pair of jeans on, make sure if it's washed that it makes your fit very snug or tight even because that will relax.

If you buy a pair of raw jeans that's never been washed, be mindful that they will shrink then you need to allow according to the fabric 2 inches in shrink and the legs in length and about an inch in the waist. And that's how you choose a pair of jeans. .