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How To Choose Jeans When You're Over 40

How To Choose Jeans When You're Over 40

Not many of us wear the same size jeans at age 40 that we did at age 14. Our bodies change, and so do the styles. If you dread the thought of shopping for a new pair of jeans in stores dominated by teeny-bopper fashions, we've got a Hollywood stylist who can help.

Step 1: Flattering Jeans

Always shop with a rear view mirror and check out the pockets to make sure that they flatter your backside.

Step 2: A Great Top

You can look casual but be comfortable and look sensational. Consider a top that will be fitted to flatter the bust line, while covering other imperfections with a looser fit.

Step 3: Shoes

Try to pick a platform when you're wearing a bootleg jean. It'll make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Step 4: Put It Together

Look for a soft, retro-feeling hair style, smudged makeup, light, shiny lips, a soft loose top that flatters but shows a little figure, long, leggy jeans, and that raw leather look platform shoe.