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How To Choose The Best Lip Liner Colour

How To Choose The Best Lip Liner Colour

In this concise video tutorial, a professional make-up artist explains how to choose the right lip liner to go with your lipstick.

Hi. I'm Faye from SimplyFaye dot co dot uk. I've been a makeup artist for twenty years, and I'm going to give you some tips on how to apply makeup.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to choose the perfect lip pencil color. What you have to bear in mind is the lip pencil should match your lipstick, unless you're going for a very nude lipstick, and therefore you want something that will just enhance your lip line. So, I'm going to show you there's a mixture of colors here in this palette, and I've got several lip liners here, and I'm going to show you which ones match with which colors.

So, let's take this pink one to start off with. This would go perfectly with this color, because if you have a look, it's almost identical to the color there. This browner one would be perfect for this color here, because it's almost identical.

It doesn't matter; it should always be maybe identical or slightly darker, and that way you'll get more of a precise lip line. And this one here is a ruddy brown, so this one would be perfect for this color here. And now, we're going on to a paler color which you could use with a nude to give that sort of, very sort of 60's look, where you've got your accentuated lip line with a very sort of ultra nude pout.

But when you're doing, applying, lip liner and lipstick in conjunction together with this look, you have to make sure that they're blended well together, so you don't see a really hard line. Again, this one is also quite a pale one, and it will work very nicely with a pale color to give that sort of 1960's sort of super nude look. And that's how to choose the perfect lip liner color. .