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How To Choose The Perfect Foundation

How To Choose The Perfect Foundation

Having difficulties choosing the right make-up? Philippa Louise explains the important steps to selecting the perfect foundation to suit your skin and style.

I'm going to be using Rimmel London products to show you how to use the perfect foundation. Now, the first step, which is really, really important, is knowing your skin type. Do you have an oily T-zone? Are you more prone to break-outs? Do you have dry skin? Maybe you have dry skin in patches around the cheeks, on the nose, on the forehead.

Or are you someone who has combination skin tone, where you may have a little bit of an oily T-zone and some dry patches and maybe you have the odd break-out. So you've really got to work out what skin type you are first. Ally here has a combination skin tone, she is dry but she does tend to get quite a shiny T-zone area.

So once you've worked out what skin type you are, you can then work out what sort of foundation you're going to use yourself. So, that moves me on to coverage. What sort of coverage are you looking for? I know Ally here likes a more sheer coverage, which is a very, very light coverage, which really enhances your natural beauty and evens out your skin tone.

Or you may be someone who wants a more sheer to medium coverage which is just a little bit heavier. Or you may be someone who wants a complete full coverage, maybe because you like it, or maybe you've got some flaws in your skin, some acne scars that you want to cover up, anything at all. It doesn't matter what coverage you choose, but I would say that less is more.

If you have perfect skin and maybe the odd blemish, then you really don't need a very heavy coverage at all. Once you've worked out what coverage you want, you then want to move on to the finish of the foundation. Now, you may love that dewy finish, you may want to have more of the stay-matte finish, which is one of the foundations that Rimmel London does.

Or you may want to have a foundation that lasts for about 25 hours, which is our lasting foundation. Maybe you're going to a party, to a festival, and you can't be bothered to top up your make-up. That would be a really lovely one to use.

So once you know your skin type, your coverage, your finish, you're going to move on to working out what colour suits you. In terms of how to pick the right shade for you, what you want to do, take two different shades if you're in a shop and pop them in the chest area here. Blend them in and whichever shade you can't see is the shade you really want to use as your foundation base.

You can also pop it on the side of your cheek as well, just to be doubly sure, but that should be enough to find the right shade for you. So, what I'm going to do is take a couple of products. We've got Lasting Finish 25 Hour, great for those parties, and we'll just pop a line down here.

And then, we're going to do the same again with our Match Perfection which gives a lovely flawless finish and adapts to the skin tone. As you can see, you've got two shades here. One of them is quite dark, one of them is quite light.

So, you just want to blend that in and you want to make sure you pick the colour which most suits you. So, this one, you really, really can't see, it's really blended into the skin, whereas this one, you can see and that's not the colour that you're going to want to pick. So, now, you're at the stage where you've chosen everything you need to apply your foundation.

We're just going to apply that starting in the middle section of the face and working your way outwards. Now, what I like to do, I actually like to apply it with a brush. The reason why is you get an even distribution of the product on the face.

If you were to use a sponge, I find sponges really soak up the product and then you're just using twice as much. I always like to put a very ,very light layer over the eye. Not much, just enough to get rid of any lines or any red vessels that may be popping out on the eyelid.

And there you go, you have perfect foundation. .