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How To Choose Your Paintball Gear

How To Choose Your Paintball Gear

Get into the zone like a real pro starting with your paintball gear. This video will show you tips on choosing the right paintball gear for you.

Hi guys, my name is Tommy Pemberton. I'm here with UK Paintball in South London. We're out in the woods today, and I want to talk to you about paintball.

Okay, when you're heading out to a paintball field, there are two main bits of equipment that you're going to need. You're going to need your gun, and you're going to need your goggles, okay. First thing I want to talk about is your goggles because this is the main piece of equipment in paintball.

A lot of people when they go and play paintball, they'll get the rental set of goggles, it may steam up, they may not be the one that's comfortable because obviously, they've got to cater for a lot of rental customers so if you get a choice to purchase your own set of goggles, then it's definitely worth doing it. So the first thing we're going to look out there is a set of goggles. These are my Day Out Force, and the main things to look for in a goggles is obviously the comfort, so if you can try a couple of different sets of goggles on and try to work out which feels good on your face, then it's definitely worth getting a comfortable set.

Because when you're out there playing paintball in the day, you have these goggles on for a long time and you can't take them out for an hour in the game zone. So that's definitely the key thing. Obviously the second thing is about the lens.

On a lot of high-end goggles now, they have thermal lenses so it's basically like double blazing in a lens so it just stops the lens from steaming up. So that's another to ask if you're there, you know, looking for a paintball goggles and definitely worth investing in thermal lenses because it really really pays off in the day. The other thing is the weight and just how it looks.

It's going to be on your face whole day there while you're tracking other players, so that's definitely what you would look for. So this is the Day Out Force. Here, we have a set of rental goggles that you get out of the field.

These are really good goggles, it's a pro on rental goggles and they're a bit of the industry's standard right now and they're definitely popular. They have a lot of protection here so you know, if in case you get shot in the head, it would definitely protect you there. A lot of jewel protection, ear protection and your nose, a good set of goggles, nice and comfy and this is probably what you'll et used on the day so you know, these would definitely do you well on the day.

The only thing is about the lens. If you don't look after the lens throughout the day, then it may start steaming up, it may start folding up and affect your gaze. So make sure you listen out to the ref speaking to the site that you're at and get the best out of the lens that you've got.

Okay, I'm going to talk about paintball guns as well. When you go to buy your first gun, it will be very very different from the gun you first used when you went to a rental site. Here we have a rental gun.

It's just nice and reliable, it's just what you want on a standard day. These guns are high-pressured guns so they run on a high pressure air and with that, there's a lot of impact that goes into the paintball. So we're going to talk about paintballs another time, but right now, this high-pressure gun will be harder on the paint, and the trigger itself is a mechanical trigger so each trigger pull is quite stiff and it will be harder to get this up to a higher rate of fight.

If you shoot these guns at about 5 or 6 balls per second, something like that, this is just standard issue of paintball guns that you may try. Going on to the Day NT, this is a high-end paintball marker, it's fully developed and right on top of the food chain actually. These guns are electronic and electronic triggers, they have circuit boards.

They're all fully set to shoot very quick but a bit softly and as comfortable as it can be. When you're going to choose a paintball gun, similar to goggles where you want it to fit right, you need the g