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How To Chunky Knit

How To Chunky Knit

Chunky Knitting is one of the many different knitting techniques which can be learned on Videojug.

In this video tutorial I will show you how to Chunky knitting. Chunky knitting is just like any other type of knitting, the only difference is you will use Chunky yarn which is much thicker than most of the other yarns and you will also have to use appropriate size of needles. As you can see these needles are much larger than your average size of needle.

To demonstrate Chunky knitting is just the same as any other knitting I am going to knit this.

to show you how it works, so you can see that the needle size that I have here is six millimetres which is the size recommended for this particular yarn.

By the way how would you tell that you have come across Chunky yarn? Normally it is mentioned in the label, so look out for the information on the yarn weight on the label of the yarn that you are buying.

The label will also tell you what is the recommended needle size for this particular yarn.

So I am going to knit across row using the English knitting method. Chunky yarns are often quite soft and they often not are very twisted.

So what you have to pay attention to is not to split it which is very easy. And this how to Chunky Knit. .