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How To Clean A Bath Tub

How To Clean A Bath Tub

This clip by Tracy the "Cleaning Fairy" instructs users on an easy, natural way to clean the bathtub and includes tips for eliminating stubborn bathtub rings.

I am going to show you how to clean your bathtub. First of all, sprinkle with vinegar and water all over your bath like this. Take particularly care on the ring around your bath because they can be quite incredibly hard to get rid of.

There with your cloth and your soda, you sprinkle along like that. That's it. Now, as you can hear it sizzling away, getting rid of all that dirt, and it is going to be so much easier than you keep scrubbing.

Baking soda will save you all that because of the natural abrasive, and then gently circle it around like that, rubbing around the edges, getting the tops like this, and then just keep working your way down and down, and then into the actual main bathtub. Same thing again, sprinkle all over with your vinegar, get more soda. That's it.

And then, keep rubbing like that. Now, sometimes, if you've been using an oil-based bubble bath, you sometimes get a ring and really as you're rubbing it, like that, it smears, and the best way to get rid of that is use your baby oil. Put your baby oil on your cloth like this, and then just rub and that will instantly move dirty marks on the ring from using an oil-based bubble bath.

Once you get it all off, you use your taps. That's it, and then, you rinse all over and make sure you wipe all off, like that, and if you've got a shower hose, it is quick and simple and easy and it saves on your back as well and then it's like that. And then, with the cloth, dry it off like this.

That's it. And make sure you always go from the top to the bottom and then with the water, just gently run it into the compound like that. And you are better off to dry bathtub completely off because this will stop lime scale and water lines on your bath and this means that next time you wash your bath, you will be working harder.

So, that's a big tip, make sure it is completely dry. And that's how you clean your bathtub! .