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How To Clean A Car Ceiling

How To Clean A Car Ceiling

Get that new car look on your car ceiling with this tutorial from Autovalet. Car roofs can be easy to clean I you just know how. In this video you will see the various methods and equipment to use when cleaning your car ceiling

Hi! I'm John from autovalet UK, UK's leading car Valleting Company. Today we're going to give you some tips on how to maintain your vehicle and keeping it in pristine condition. Hi! And today we're going to show you how to clean the roof lining of a vehicle.

So your first step would be ensuring that you clean all the excess dirt from the fabric, any hairs, dust. Once this is done you need to move on, obtain a good multi surface cleaner or fabric cleaner. Spray it with the spray nozzle onto the ceiling.

Once this is done use a damp cloth with warm water and slowly use straight line motions, going backwards and forwards on your roof line, if you find any particular stubborn stains it may be a good idea to apply more cleaner onto the roof and concentrate on that particular area. In extreme situations where the roof lining is extremely dirty, it would be an advantage to use a Hoover an extracting machine. The first instance you squeeze the trigger and allow the water to squirt on the roof lining, this will help release the dirt; you can then go back over it again through your suction which extracts all the water.

This water pulls the dirt form the pores of the fabric and that's how to clean the roof lining.